Cheat Like a Pro: 10 More Cheats for PS & PSE

If you’ve already read Cheat Like a Pro: 10 Cheats for PS & PSE, you may have found yourself craving more little gems to make digital scrapbooking with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements easier, faster and more productive.  Here are 10 more cheats to keep you going!

Cheat #1
Double clicking a text layer thumbnail selects the entire string of text within the layer.

Cheat #2
Clicking on a layer and dragging it over the “New Layer” button in the layers palette duplicates the layer.

Cheat #3
Clicking on a layer and dragging it over the “Trash” button deletes the layer.

Cheat #4
Want to make your text quickly match one of the colors in your canvas or foreground/background color palette? Select the text, click on your text color swatch and use the eyedropper tool from the color picker to click on your foreground/background colors. You can also eyedropper anything in your canvas.

Cheat #5
Edit a layer style by double clicking the “fx” icon on the layer to bring up the layer style dialog box.

Cheat #6
Most every setting that features a slider bar for adjustment can also be set by typing a value in the box in the immediate area of the slider. For example, you can quickly adjust layer opacity by highlighting the value in the box and typing in the desired opacity value. Hitting the “Enter” key on your keyboard removes the active cursor following the change.

Cheat #7
To apply the same layer style to multiple layers, right click the layer with the layer style you’d like to duplicate. Choose “Copy Layer Style” from the menu. Select multiple layers by clicking each layer while holding down the “Ctrl” key. Right click over one of the target layers and paste the layer style.

Cheat #8
To select a group of layers in a row, select a single layer then scroll to the last layer in the row you want selected. Hold the “Shift” key while you click that last layer. This will select the second layer and every layer in between.

Cheat #9
To deselect a single layer in a group of selected layers, hold the “Ctrl” key and single click the layer to deselect.

Cheat #10
To quickly rename a layer, double click the layer name. This will activate the curse and you will be able to type in the desired layer name.

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