About Sherrie

Hi, I’m Sherrie (also known as Pixel Gypsy in the digital scrapbooking world). Nice to meet you. :) Introductions just really aren’t my thing. They give me that “get up in front of a room full of people to make a speech and realize you’re in your underwear” feeling. Not good at all. So…I’m going to instead share some random facts about me.

I don’t wear shorts in the summer. Skirts are a mainstay in my summer wardrobe and are preferably made from light, airy fabrics that flow and swirl around my legs.

I don’t have a gallbladder. It was removed when I was 18 because (according to my surgeon) I had gallstones like an old person.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Thankfully, my husband loves Halloween too and enjoys crafting elaborate costumes and throwing over-the-top Halloween parties as much as I do.

I don’t eat chocolate and peanut butter together. I love both separate, but I don’t like them together. This seems to make me crazy by most peoples’ definition.

My desk is rarely neat and organized.

I love the sound of dry, autumn leaves dancing across a street. I often drive down leaf-covered roads with my windows down just so I can hear that. It’s like music to my ears.
Sherrie Piegdon
Lover of all things artsy, crafty, geeky and witty. Dreams of some day becoming a real-deal vagabond and traveling the world with her husband with no real plan or schedule.